Ain’t broken why fix it – developer version

After years of writing code one turn himself into a more learning personality, not just because the old saying “Ooh, shiny let’s touch it”. It’s more about the aptitude of learning to known or try to know the answer to a problem.

By keep myself with the new tech I can have a educated guess of how to solve a problem. Like the typical Angular vs React vs VueJS or the old times AWS vs Azure. For me came down to preference because the technical part of it was not a problem. I have coded using all those techs.

The Ain’t broken why fix it – developer version, is for those peers that you will find when you change jobs. Take this as example, I was the new hired so usually companies pay more attention to you them any other time, well except when you are leaving the company, because they want to know your judgement and decision making skills on those few first weeks.

I have encounter developer that still code on aspx which is was a good step forward back them. I only made a handful of this in my career long time ago. Or when developer have code only in Windows form for ions regardless the fact the XAML came to help desktop apps. Or when you try to introduce SOLID principals, you get the usual reaction which is “it generates a lot of files” or “We don’t know any mocking framework”

Developers can be the worse kind of people when you are trying to introduce change. specially if the developer has been coding the same way with the same tech for years. Let’s take a simple example. You want you and your peers to start using NuGet for packages distribution. Now, these days NuGet, npm and any other form of package distribution would sound very logical step. However, you may hear from your peers that makes not sense to bring something so advance to the company or my favorite, “it adds to much work to developers”

The last one, tells me that the developer like his/her “down time” and adding more stuff to his break would be unproductive. It’s also the developer that has like 20 project in one solution, God helps you to find the project that will host the file where you make a change that broke the build. wait, CI is another tech that they say they are wanting to do but as soon as they get the first email of “you broke the build” then CI is becomes a hassle is not your ally.

So, Ain’t broken why fix – developer version. it’s based on the code routine, lag of learning aptitudes and specially settle down in the job.

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