Visual Studio Live Share

I’m glad that Visual Studio is joining the trend of having code sharing. Now a days, you can find several option of code sharing in the market and depending on the IDE or code editor you are using you find the one that fits your needs. For those who don’t know, code sharing basically means that you share your code with other from the comfort of your desktop. Let’s face it, why would you want to talk to your peer that is sitting next to you when you can do it from your desktop. 😉

Well, this solve the problem of using Video conferences tools to share and review your code with others. VS Live Share has done a good job on bringing this feature to both Visual Studio and VS Code. Which means you can do Live Share from VS Code to Visual Studio and Vice-versa. Or VS to VS or VS Code to VS Code.

What it makes this awesome to me is the ability to have my peers following along with my explanation and where my cursor is pointing at. The Other fav feature is that my peers may modify my code in their end and I’ll be looking at their changing in real time. Another feature that I have found very useful is the ability to debug my code in real time. Yes, one can run the debugger during a Live Share session and your participant will follow along. Now, this feature has a good potential in showing non believer that your code is not the problem Or that is fact it is, so use responsibly.

For Visual Studio Code, you need to install the extension

For Visual Studio 2017, you need to install the extension as well

Visual Studio Live Share is an awesome tool one can have to facilitate code review and sharing ideas.


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